Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Me Time

So, I know it's been awhile. Sorry. I have been preoccupied with decorating for Christmas, Christmas, and "undecorating" for Christmas. Plus, there've been parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting and caroling out in the....wait...well, I really haven't been THAT busy! ;-) Seriously though, I HAVE been totally enjoying the fact that my husband has been off for the past week and a half. We have been able to spend some much needed time together with our children. We even squeezed in a few after Christmas sales together! But, today, out of every other day has by far been THE BEST day!

First of all, it was my day to do whatever I chose. My husband took the children and went down to his Mom's for the day. I had a leisurely morning. I didn't really sleep in, but I didn't have to get up and feed the kids. After my 10:00 breakfast, I decided that I wanted to go to a couple of craft stores and check out their bargains. I called my Dad....yes, my Dad, and invited him to go. He has not been allowed to drive due to a heart condition and I figured he would be up for a road trip. Plus, he is pretty crafty himself. So, we headed to the next town over and hit one of my FAVORITE stores. All their scrapbook supplies were 50% off, so I stocked up! My Dad likes to paint so he took advantage of some sale prices too.

After that, we went to lunch at a VERY GOOD Mexican restaurant. Then we headed to ANOTHER craft store and I bought more scrapbook "stuff".

To round out the day, I went to a jewelry party and made $443.00!!!! I'll post more about that later. Too bad I didn't have the money BEFORE I went shopping.

So, needless to say, I had a pretty doggone good day. I shopped, ate, and spent some quality time with my Daddy!

Here is a photo of all the stuff I bought today.

I know it's hard to tell in the picture, but I even got my son a scrapbook and a new cartridge for my Cricut!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

For Your Entertainment

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Can't Believe It!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I was going to post a "Wordless Wednesday" and decided that I haven't "said" much lately and needed to update. Then, I thought about how much I wanted to say and realized that none of it flowed together. So, I am just going to list some random stuff:

I didn't get finished Christmas shopping last Friday. You can't tell by the way the back of my car looked!

My daughter, husband and myself had the stomach flu last Friday and Saturday...YUCK!

My husband is finally feeling "normal" today after being sick.

I finished decorating my "main" tree.

I don't want to do anymore decorating for Christmas this year...I'm burnt out already. However, I do enjoy the way my babies look during the process!!!

I'm excited that I'm going shopping with my MIL and two SILs this Friday.

I'm even more excited that I get a break from my kiddos....ALL DAY!!!

We are going to Stone Mountain Saturday with some friends...yay!

We have a BUSY weekend planned...Stone Mtn, Christmas Parade, and Ornament Party at the Elder's

I had homemade pizza for lunch today and it was GLORIOUS.

I have a bag of Lindt truffles sitting in my living room...and they are delicious.

I am going to start my Christmas baking this afternoon.

For some reason, I can't get into the whole Christmas card thing this year.

I really need to go on a diet, but as you can see from the above...I love to eat goodies this time of year.

I talked my daughter into having a pool party in June instead of celebrating her birthday in January.

So...that's what's going on here. Hope you have a great hump day!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Why am I here?

Do you ever ask yourself that question? I do. Especially when I have had a day like today. The baby is into everything, the six year old thinks she knows more than me...and is not afraid to argue her point, the husband is mad at me for God only knows what and is not speaking to me. What have I done to deserve this?

I need a vacation.